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Start making profits sooner with exceptionally fast modular construction. In about half the time of site construction, you can have a custom-designed building that is as comfortable and as durable as any site-built structure.

With quality design, we can build your structure in our environmentally-controlled factory while site preparations and foundations are being laid. This not only saves a huge amount of time and potential delays due to poor weather, it also provides superior quality as raw building materials are not subjected to the ravages of nature.

Get creative and choose the design features that suit your tastes and your budget. From peaked roofs to wood siding and glass entrances, your modular building can be as attractive as any site-built structure.

Discover the advantages of modular. It’s faster, better, easier, and in many cases, more economical — especially, when you consider the additional profits of opening your commercial operation months sooner.

Contact Shelter to help you start planning. We’ll help you every step of the way, from architectural drawings to full project management services.

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Modular Make-over: Converting a Basic Portable into a Luxurious Clubhouse

2012 MBI Award Winner: First Place

With an upcoming annual golf tournament, the relatively newly-established Bowen Island Golf Course recognized an immediate need for a clubhouse.

With only 3 weeks to design/build, they purchased a used modular building from Shelter Industries, and had it renovated to meet their needs.

Starting from a very basic, 20+ year old, flat-roofed, double-wide structure with virtually no amenities or aesthetic appeal, Shelter converted the previously-used portable classroom into an extremely attractive golf club with licensed lounge, commercial kitchen, bar, pro-shop, and covered deck.

Shelter conducted a thorough analysis of the building and demonstrated that the structure was sound and the insulation effective. Only the windows needed to be upgraded with modern double-glazed, argon-filled vinyl windows.

Other than adding a few amenities, such as plumbing for the kitchen and washrooms, the renovation was essentially a cosmetic make-over.

The exterior renovation included the addition of a peaked truss roof, board and batten exterior cedar siding, and a covered wooden deck. The interior make-over only required new paint and new hardwood flooring.

The final result: a luxurious Westcoast-style building that presents the look and feel of a completely new, custom-built structure — at a fraction of the price — and in as little as 3 weeks!

This project represents an ideal example of how an old, basic, no frills portable building can be transformed into something as comfortable and attractive as a state-of-the-art lounge and clubhouse.

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LocationPort Moody, BCProject TypeCommercialClientSuncor (TWD Technologies)

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Shelter unveils Victoria Shipyards Office Complex

Project Length12 weeksLocationVictoria, BCProject TypeCommercialClientVictoria Shipyards Office Complex

Shelter just completed an impressive, 18,000 square foot, permanent office complex for Victoria Shipyards. This new office building was designed to house 3 separate…

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Shelter just completed an impressive, 18,000 square foot, permanent office complex for Victoria Shipyards. This new office building was designed to house 3 separate tenants as part of a new program with the Canadian Department of National Defense.

This $3 million, 2-storey project features an elevator, a large glass and aluminum storefront entrance and luxurious marble flooring. With a spacious lobby and wide hallways, you would not get the impression that these buildings were modular. Victoria Shipyards project manager, Peter Lutzmann says, “Everyone is happy with the design. We incorporated a number of features into the design, such as two-tone siding in the horizontal and the vertical, to make this project look like site-built.”

Victoria Shipyards decided to go with modular, mostly for the benefits of speed and flexibility. Victoria Shipyards project manager, Peter Lutzmann says, “With modular, I was able to start the underground work, such as line services and foundations, while the buildings were being constructed in the factory. Overall, we were able shave off 3 to 4 months from the construction schedule.”

Flexibility was also key. Even though the building is installed on permanent foundations, the fact that these buildings are modular opens the doors to opportunities to relocate or resell these buildings in future. That is a huge advantage.

“Modular is also a very cost-efficient solution,” says Victoria Shipyards project manager, Peter Lutzmann. “It enables you to really save time without compromising quality.”

Shelter project manager Chris Yamamoto adds, “Even considering the costs of shipping to Vancouver Island, the overall project cost was very competitive with standard site-built structures. And with creative, attractive designs, the final project can look as attractive as site-built.”

Victoria Shipyards project manager, Peter Lutzmann concludes, “I give Shelter high marks in customer service. I have nothing but good things to say about Shelter. I would use them again in a heartbeat!”

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Well-designed Church Redefines Modular Construction Paradigm

LocationLangley, BCProject TypeCommercialClientSt. Nicholas Parish Church

A new church designed and built by Shelter offers unique interior and exterior wood construction. St. Nicholas Parish recently constructed a Catholic…

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A new church designed and built by Shelter offers unique interior and exterior wood construction.

St. Nicholas Parish recently constructed a Catholic Church in a five-acre forested setting in the Walnut Grove section of Langley, BC. Parish leadership decided to preserve or utilize as much of the forest as possible. Using a portable saw mill, the large cedar, fir and hemlock trees located on part of the site were transformed into beams, columns, trusses and siding for the building. The alter cross is made from the first tree cut.

Barry Nickerson, Chair of the Building Committee, recalls, “We wanted to maintain the site’s natural condition as much as possible, and use the trees to blend the building into the site. It worked out very well.” The wood materials provide a “dramatic and beautiful effect.”

The Design/Build Advantage

Nickerson says that Shelter produced the church on a Design/Build basis — Shelter handled all the aspects of designing and constructing the building, from beginning to end, including all site work, connections and paving. “This streamlined the process, reduced waste and kept costs in line. We knew how much we could afford to spend. Shelter’s architect, who worked both for us and Shelter, designed to fit our budget. There were no cost overruns. In the end, we got tremendous value for our dollar with Design/Build.”

The 7,500 square-foot modular building was constructed in Shelter’s factory, with a central nave constructed on site because of height considerations. “We can hardly believe that it’s modular,” says Nickerson. “You wouldn’t know which sections are modular and which are site built.”

Modular Speed and Quality

The modular approach also offered speedier construction; the church had a brief time frame for completion. “There is a controlled construction environment in the factory,” Nickerson points out. “The quality is just superb. People are really pleased with the result.”

Jamie Cooke, project manager on Shelter’s Design/Build team, says that completing the building in the factory “cut our time dramatically and accelerated the target date. It was about three months to initial occupancy.”

Father Mark Hagemoen, Parish Pastor, confirms that the use of site timber was done in a “tasteful way” that is very positive from a “spirituality and faith perspective. We told Shelter what we wanted and what our budget was, and they came up with the best alternatives and the plans we liked the most.”

Functional and Cost-Effective

Designed to be multi-use and multi-functional the church provides space for teaching, social activities, meetings, a library and offices, as well as prayer and worship. A movable soundproof wall can be used to create a quiet area in the chapel. Parishioners “are very happy with the functional and cost-effective building.”

Architectural Design

“We collaborated with architect Christopher Vajda to come up with a design that really set us apart,” says Jamie Cook. “He has a good sense of scale in placing the building on a sloping site that fits into the neighborhood.” Shelter’s Vic Schneider added that Shelter handled consultants and licensing.

The project is the first phase, with other buildings to be added to the site in future.

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Sunnyhill Health Centre Acquires Modular Lab Complex

LocationVancouver, BCProject TypeCommercialClientSunnyhill Health Centre

Modular builder Shelter has supplied a 10,000 square foot, two-storey building complex for Sunnyhill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, BC, that provides…

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Modular builder Shelter has supplied a 10,000 square foot, two-storey building complex for Sunnyhill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, BC, that provides approximately 30 administrative and clinical offices.

The project was notable for a stringent requirement of extremely minimal vibration in a first-floor clinical lab area, called the Shriners Gait Lab. Six CCD video cameras are suspended on a frame running near the top of the wall. The cameras use reflected light to record a patient’s physical movement while walking across plates in the floor that record force. The tests are used for assessment and diagnosis of surgical procedures.

Shelter achieved the vibration isolation requirements through the separation of the Lab’s floor area from the surrounding building areas, and the use of vibration-isolating rubber gaskets.

“The cameras are subjected to diminished vibration, which is essential for our analyses in the lab,” comments Alec Black, Director of the Gait Lab.

The 20 modules comprising the building were constructed in Shelter’s factory and delivered to the building site, which greatly minimized noise, disruption and dust at the hospital. Craned into place on a perimeter concrete foundation over a two-day period, the complex is connected with an existing hospital building through an all-steel bridge constructed by Shelter.

The Project Coordinator for Sunnyhill Health Centre, Erica Guliker, salutes the “good quality of construction” and the shorter completion time compared with site-built. The design, says Guliker, represented a partnership between architect of record Matti Saar and in-house designers at Shelter. “I was pleased to work with Shelter — they really made it happen,” she says.

Matti Saar, of M. Saar Architecture in Vancouver, considers the Sunnyhill complex a “good example of a very successful modular building. The quality is better than stick-built because it was made in a factory and because the quality control is much more stringent.”

Saar maintains that pre-conceptions about modular have discouraged building owners from realizing that modular buildings generally offer higher quality, and are particularly suited to health and school facilities.

Shelter’s quality-control process took place under its ISO 9001 certification.