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Modular Construction

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Modular Construction

With innovative design, leading-edge technologies, and top-quality construction, Shelter is changing the way you think about modular. Whether you want a simple site office or an expansive 18,000 square foot, two-story office complex, Shelter can provide full design and build service that can even include engineering, permitting and project management.

With a proven track record of over 30 years of design, manufacture and installation of modular buildings. Speak to our customers and you’ll discover why Shelter has become the trusted custom modular manufacturer in the Northwest. Shelter has received consistent praise for our superior customer service providing full design, build and installation services. All projects come with a complete quality assurance warranty, which follows ISO 9000 standards. Shelter has received consistent praise for our superior customer service. And provides full design, build and install services. All projects come with a complete quality assurance warranty, which follows ISO 9000 standards.

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Benefits of Modular

Attractive Design

Modular construction can be as attractive as any site-built structure. Factory-built modular units can be designed and assembled in almost any configuration you can imagine - from expansive gymnasiums to multi-level building complexes with open floor plans and vaulted ceilings. The possibilities are truly endless so let your imagination soar.

Superior Quaility

Built indoors, in a heated environment, modular construction does not endure exposure to the elements of nature that can lead to warping, insects, and molds. Ultimately modular construction provides a better quality, healthier building. Modular buildings can even be LEED Silver certified, with superior energy-efficiency.


Today’s modular building is built to a much higher standard than yesteryear. With designs that can endure up to 50 years like site-built construction, Shelter’s modular buildings are as durable and as comfortable as site-built. In fact, you can’t even tell that the building is modular.


One of the best advantages of going modular is speed. Since the structure can be built in the factory while site preparation and foundations proceed, overall project time can be reduced by 50% or even 70%, allowing you to reap the benefits of your new building much sooner.


Coordinating trades, materials, and inspections can be a project management nightmare. Weather and other uncontrollable variables can plague site-built construction and contribute to project management headaches and ultimately cause significant delays and budget overruns. By contrast, modular is built in a central, controlled environment, thereby eliminating these challenges.


Modular construction provides huge labour and time-savings, which translates into significant cost savings. Even considering transportation costs to remote locations, modular can be as competitive in price as site-built. In addition, modular construction is not faced with potential delays and budget overruns which can ultimately make modular significantly more affordable.


Shelter employs 100% sustainable building practices. Unlike most site construction, we use, or recycle, all building materials — leaving virtually zero waste. We can also restore your site to its natural condition when your temporary building is no longer needed.


Building needs can change. With time, you may want more space or less space. You may even want to relocate your space. Modular construction is extremely well-adapted to expansion, reduction, reconfiguration, or relocation needs. Contact Shelter if you want to buy, resell, rearrange, or relocate.

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